Realize your E-Learning videos the professional way!

Lessons and courses via e-learning

Have you recently found yourself in the need of teaching from home? Would you like to have a trustworthy crew as guarantee for the video quality of your contents? Armonica Film is just that, and we are here to film your E-Learning videos.

In this challenging time for our continent and for the whole world, during which we are dealing with a healthcare emergency beyond our control, many of us have the urgency of finding new ways to communicate in our everyday life.

For sure, one of the most useful ones is E-Learning, and we would be happy to help with that! We are available to film your video lessons in studio, and help you share them via one of the many online platforms available. It could be a workplace safety course or school lessons on remote, some tutorial videos or informative ones. In all cases you will have the chance to go on with your work without losing too much time.

According to your preferences and to the kind of video you need, we will be able choose between a neutral background or a green screen. All necessary information from you presentation will be visible in the video while you speak, so that the lesson can be easy to follow.

Therefore, our offer includes:

  • Video and audio equipment for the filming
  • Specialized operators to support you over the process
  • Neutral background or green screen

One the filming process is over, we will be also available to edit your video and make sure it is ready to be shared! What are you waiting for? Send an e-mail to or fill in our form.

Choose e-learning!